Targa Trophy German Car Festival 2016

The stage was set and the cars were ready. HRE Wheels in Vista California was the setting yet again. In traditional Targa Trophy fashion, the German Car Festival was a full house as always. From fully built BMWs to modded R8s and even a few Lamborghinis in between. With the route kept secret until rally time, the drivers and navigators were anxiously awaiting what roads where chosen for this epic adventure through San Diego, CA.

More cars pour into the event.

Check points are a good break on Targa but don't take too long cause you need to jump back into your car and head to the next route.

Selfies in the middle of nowhere? why not!

The original Ferrari ;)

Do a burnout!!! lol

You never know what can happen on Targa Trophy.

Constance Nunes...that is all =)

Car friends are what makes up a lot of why Targa Trophy is so much fun to do.