RWB Los Angeles-Nohra Build

Unlike most of Nakai san's builds, this one took more time then the others mainly because it was actually personal. It was build for himself. It's not often an artist creates something solely for themselves. Nakai san often visits the West Coast or even the East Coast (insert silver 993 cab) to build cars for people and whenever he is here, he never has a RWB for himself to drive around. Being the RWB Boss, he should have an RWB himself to drive around in right? After he built his personal silver 993 cabriolet for the East Coast, it was only right he did another personal build but for the West Coast.

Now we can't say this was intentional but having a speed yellow 993 build in the golden state of California only seems fitting. With the build underway, it was a low key relaxed build unlike others we had attended. The only people there during the build process where close friends and a TV crew from Japan that was filming a segment on Nakai san. 

The build took place at K-Speed in Santa Ana, CA. The garage space was half lounge, half Porsche museum, it was super cool.

Nakai san in the zone.

The treasure chest =)

We vaguely remember what Alex from RWB LA was discussing but it was funny.

Renown steering wheel installed.

Nakai san's secret formula.

To celebrate the completion of the build, they popped a bottle and toasted with some champagne. Unfortunately the cork poked a hole in the ceiling. We also had a small party with friends, with drinks and food from sushi to sandwiches.

The car is finished and on the ground.

Who said it's just a two seater!

Last minute check before we head out on the road to do a photoshoot and video shoot with the TV crew from Japan.

The gang is together again.

This is probably the biggest group of RWB's so far in California. Soon to be more ;)

Lining up for the rolling shot with the film crew.

Group shots.

Admiring his life work.

Rolling down PCH in Laguna Beach to go have some lunch.

Palm trees, sun, friends and RWB's.