CarNinja Mercedes-Benz CLS 550

What started out as an innocent luxury ride, was turned into something to break necks. Below is how she looked with a few tasteful mods.

One of the first things she received was Bavaria BC5 Wheels to give it a more luxury look. The head light housings were also custom painted black to make it stand out a little more.

Even though she had those few mods. It just didn't turn heads as much as it should. So we set out to Aerowerkz to change that.

The whole car was wrapped in 3M Matte Metallic Blue for a very head turning appearance. To match the new blue the center caps on the Bavaria BC5 Wheels where changed to blue ones. 

The factory air suspension was modded to go slightly lower than factory setting to give it a nice low and aggressive stance. 

Aside form the amazing wrap job at AeroWerkz, the pitted headlights where brought back to life by them as well.