CarNinja Ferrari 360 Modena

It's not often you see Ferrari 360 Modenas now a days but one that's modded?! now that's something out of the ordinary.

One of the first things you notice on this silver bullet of a car is the wheels. The stock wheels where changed to MHT Forged Wheels.

Custom Roso Red intake covers to match the red intake plenum 

Whats a Ferrari without a soundtrack?! The exhaust was upgraded to the Ferrari Challenge Stradale Exhaust.

To improve it's existing exhaust flow the 360 was given Hyperflow cats and Agency Power Headers.

If it already wasn't enough, to make the car have a bit more pep in it's step, the f1 transmission was upgraded to Formula Dynamic F1 Shift ECU Upgrade and a Powerchip ECU Flash Upgrade.

The seats where changed out to Sparco Alcantara Suede Street Seats (R-Series) for a snugger fit.