2005 Bizzarrini P708 Barchetta

What trumps the amazing weather and beautiful scenery here in Southern California? The cars, by far the cars! The presence of the world's rarest and most exotic machines roam these streets and sit quietly tucked away in corners often unbeknownst.

This is the 1-of-1 Bizzarrini Prototype Supercar P708 production stamped 0001 and one of the rawest machines I've ever been locked into.

So when the opportunity to experience one of these ultra rare gems came about from a local friend and collector how could I pass it up.

I mean "if you had access to a car like this, would you take it back right away?".

The P708 was designed in 2005 to revive the 1965 Bizzarrini P538 with an all new carbon fiber monocoque and body. To the tune of $4.5M went into manufacturing this prototype.

This project was a brain child of industry veteran Kevin Gallahan and design was done with the help of Giotto Bizzarrini incorporating all the features that were used on P538.

Bizzarrini a name you may already know for he designed one of the greatest and most expensive cars ever the Ferrari 250 GTO.

This is a purist car.

Despite her charm and beauty she is one that demands respect.

P708 (i.e. Posterior 7.0-liter 8-cylinder) has the heart of 500+hp Chevy LS7 meshed with a CIMA transmission.

You won't find any driving assists, stability control or power steering in this one.

But what you will find is a permagrin as you work your way up through all 6 of her gears.

Just be ready to drop a small anvil on the way back down ;)

This car is pure driving enjoyment and among my personal top few I've ever driven.

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Photo cred: Ted7 http://fb.com/iamted7

Photo cred: Tyler Lee